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The best option for you, in your attempt at getting an Australian visa and having a peace of mind during the processing time, is to appoint NikBrown Migration as your migration agent. Of course you always have the option to do it yourself with our assistance and advice if you wish.



Our full visa application service includes the following:

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  • Providing overall application strategy
  • Advice on required documentation for the application
  • Certification of all copies of documents to be submitted with the application
  • Preparation of necessary forms for the application
  • Assistance with skills assessment
  • Arranging sponsorship/nomination by State or Territory Government where appropriate
  • Lodgment of visa application
  • Maintaining correspondence with the DIAC or other relevant bodies
  • Giving you updates on the progress of your case during processing


You can begin the process at any time by choosing one of the options below:


[button link="http://www.nikbrown.com.au/consultations/phone-consultation/" color="default" target="_self" size="medium" title="Phone Consultation"]Phone Consultation[/button]

Speak to a registered migration agent over the phone

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[button link="http://www.nikbrown.com.au/consultations/face-to-face-consultation/" color="default" target="_self" size="medium" title="Face to Face consultation"]Face to Face consultation[/button]

Come into our office and meet with one of our registered migration agents in person

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[button link="http://www.nikbrown.com.au/consultations/messengers-consultation/" color="default" target="_self" size="medium" title="Messengers Consultation"]Messengers Consultation[/button]

Speak to a registered migration agent via webcam on messengers

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[button link="http://www.nikbrown.com.au/consultations/email-consultation/" color="default" target="_self" size="medium" title="Email Inquiry"]Email Inquiry[/button]

Complete an online email inquiry and receive an answer to your questions within 2 to 3 Australian business days

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