Face to Face Consultation

If you are in Australia, a face-to-face consultation is a way to receive your initial advice. Seeing you in person will give us the opportunity to review any relevant documentation and advise you on spot.

Our face-to-face consultation service is included:

  • Offering you the best visa option suit for your circumstances;
  • Required criteria for those visa types;
  • Checking your documents;
  • Critical dates, if any, relevant in your case;
  • Advise you on any shortcomings in your case;
  • Advise you on the main stages of your application process;
  • Processing time for your application;
  • Our given advice in writing

Having your consultation done you would be able to check your visa options, as well as the possible obstacles in your case. We may even, in some cases, be able to check the Migration Regulations and/or make inquiries, on your behalf, with the relevant authorities.

Please refer to our professional fees for more information.